Lauren Morley

I am a young, determined graduate that recently completed a Postgraduate Degree, MSc Interactive Media, at University College Cork (UCC).


In May 2017, I completed my Undergraduate Degree, BA (Hons) Economics (through Transformational Learning), from UCC. As part of the requirements for this degree, I participated in a module for the entirety of the degree programme called ‘Transition to Professional Life’ where my peers and I worked with many business people on a national, international and local level to complete projects/challenges and to gain early insight into various areas of the business world.
This programme has allowed me to develop my communication and leadership skills, and I also learned how to efficiently work under time constraints.
During this programme is also when I deveoped an interest in digital media and marketing.


This lead me to my postgraduate degree, Interactive Media, where I studied graphic design and web development, two areas in which I have found a great passion for. I hope to use the skills I have gained in my academic and personal life in order to kick-start an exciting career in Marketing.

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